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“An international artist in every sense of the term, Daisy Cools is an artist who does things her own way, and as a result, has found a unique approach and sound that sets her apart as a creative anomaly in modern music.”
Kieran Rogers, on Clout, June 2022

"Cools grew up listening to the Kinks.  Her Father was a huge fan.  She shares Davies penchant for unassuming storytelling, his flair for jest where the lyrics aren’t always what they seem.  Sunday presents like a charming anthem, but its more of a melancholy contemplation.  Stylistically it connects with clever singer songwriters like Andrew Bird and Anais Mitchell."
The Wild is Calling Us, October 2022


Ever since she was a child Daisy Cools dreamt about making music and traveling the world to perform and learn about other countries. Inspired by her father playing music by Ray Davies’ band The Kinks ´All day and all of the night´(pun intended) her youth revolves almost entirely around music. At the tender age of thirteen she formed her first band. Whilst pursuing a musical career, Daisy finished school and joined university. Shortly after getting her master’s degree in Media & Journalism, Daisy was selected to join a songwriting course in Manchester by Ray Davies. This is when and where Daisy got to write many of the songs that ended up on her first album The Secrets We Keep. 

The time to go travelling arrived. During her long stays in several cities across Europe Daisy wrote songs and performed. In search of the ultimate sense of freedom, Daisy shares her experiences in the cities through her songs and stories. The travels lead up to a series of EP’s: The Paris File, The Palermo File and Eternal Newcomer - The Lisbon File. 


Singles from Daisy's album and EP´s got airplay on Dutch national radio stations such as Radio 1, Radio 2 and 3FM.
Between the travels, Daisy joined Jazz orientated band The Mirror Conspiracy and performed on their album Mosaic (nominated for an Edison) and shows. Pop noir band The Bullfight asked Daisy to be a part of their albums ‘La chasse’ and ‘Eggs and Marrowbone’. End of 2022 Daisy can be heard on The Bullfights’ new project: ‘Some Divine Gift/spoken word songs’. She will be joining them on stage during their tour, which kicks off October 29th, as well.
Living in both The Netherlands and Portugal Daisy has recently finished recording her new album in four language versions at Rocktown Studios, Rotterdam). The first single ‘First Aid Kit’, a personal anecdote about fears and phobias captured in a summery song was released in English, French, Portuguese and Italian versions over the past summer. The song received fabulous reviews and so did Sunday that came out in four languages on October 13th 2022 in the form of an EP called Sundays. On November 25th EHBO the Dutch version of First Aid Kit was released. 2023 will bring yet more songs, starting with Shut Out on February 3rd. 

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